Films: Old, Classic & Unknown on Saturdays

is the local classics film society which exhibits on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month* at 

2648 North Hackett Avenue 

starting at 7:00 p.m.



The FOCUS Film Society Fall 2017 Schedule



September 23:




Here is the second film in the beloved Miss Marple series, starring Margaret Rutherford as the amateur lady sleuth par excellence.  In this one Miss Marple tries to solve a couple of murders at a popular horse-riding establishment.  The list of suspects is an impressive one: Robert Morley, Katya Douglas, Robert Urquhart and sinister James Villiers.  A wonderful little murder mystery as only the British can do them.  Flora Robson also stars.

*October 14:*


It is with great pleasure that we bring you one of those hilarious comedies
about pompous yet lovable Throckmorton Gildersleeve starring the one and
only Gildy, Hal Peary. Gildy is stuck with jury duty in this one although
the crook being tried does everything he can to bribe the unknowing juror.
The great Jane Darwell is on hand as sensible old Aunt Emma, trying to keep
hearth and home together during the ensuing chaos. Lots of laughs and lots
of fun.

*October 28:*


This is the much-celebrated Spencer Tracy version of the Stevenson classic,
lushly filmed by MGM. Ingrid Bergman and Lana Turner co-star with a
supporting cast that includes Donald Crisp. Surely one of the best versions
out there of this story, beautifully directed by Victor Fleming and
beautifully scored by Franz Waxman.

*November 11:*

*THE THIN MAN (1934)*

The first and the best of the famous "Thin Man" series based on the
writings of Dashiell Hammet. William Powell and Myrna Loy star as the
constantly tipsy couple - who never saw a martini they didn't like - who
find themselves in a sensational murder investigation. Made during the
height of Prohibition the writers and directors thumb their noses at the
law then in force in ways that will keep you in a merry mood all through
the picture. A great little film which is always a pleasure to see.

*November 25:*


At once funny, serious and heart-warming, this story based on John
Patrick's play has a group of soldiers, US and British, stuck in a hospital
in Burma during the war. Into their well-ordered society enters an
obnoxious Scotsman - and Academy Award nominated performance by Richard
Todd - who proceeds to drive everyone their to the brink of exasperation.
Well-written and well-directed (by Vincent Sherman) we think you will find
this film to be one like the kind they don't make anymore. Patricia Neal
and Ronald Reagan also star.

*All shows begin at 7:00 pm at Church in the City, 2648 N Hackett Ave. *


All films begin at 7:00 pm and are shown at Church in the City, 2648 N Hackett Avenue. A donation of $3 each is requested. More information can be found at www.ficoa/biz/focus.htm, or by calling 414-258-6492.


" ... classic American films

distinguished foreign films,

films you've missed,

films you want to see again,

and films

you may never have had the opportunity to see."



The role of a film society has several elements:

to offer a large part of the literature of film;

to provide a venue for film study and discussion;

to educate; 

to revive well-known but little-seen classics;

to provide some historical background related to motion pictures;

to introduce a new audience to films that are little-known to most followers of films;

and, lastly, it ought to entertain!



All films begin at 7:00 pm and are shown at Church in the City, 2648 N Hackett Avenue. A donation of $3 each is requested. More information can be found at, or by calling 414-258-6492.
Come join us!