Films: Old, Classic & Unknown on Saturdays

is the local classics film society which exhibits on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month* at 

2648 North Hackett Avenue 

starting at 7:00 p.m.


Dear Film Fans and Friends:  Due to a scheduling conflict we will have only one movie screening in September, on Saturday the 17th, at 7:00pm.  We will screen:

October 8, 2016:
In gangster filmdom only one is King: Edward G Robinson.  Here was the summation of all his hoodlum performances for a decade, and he brought it off with real style, real aplomb.  A lavish MGM production enhances this human drama of a former Big Time crook who marries a lovely girl then all but forgets her when she presents him with a baby.  Not mere gun-play and crashing cars, but human drama, too.


October 22, 2016:
We're proud to present another superlative Val Lewton chillers, this one based on Robert Louis Stevenson.  Ignoring the ethics of their profession some doctors in nineteenth century Scotland didn't mind buying a few dug-up corpses they could use in their anatomy classes.  This remarkable film boasts by his own estimation Boris Karloff's finest, most nuanced performance.  And there is another brilliant, incisive performance in it, by Henry Daniell who plays the doctor obsessed to have bodies for his classes.  And dear old Bela Lugosi looks in as an assistant to Daniell.  A fine film.


November 12, 2016:
Here is a rarely screened British thriller (with comic asides) which was released in Britain as Q PLANES.  The US distributor changed the tile and released it to great success.  It was surely intended as a "get ready for war" piece but in that context it remains a sharp, little picture.  Laurence Olivier and Valerie Hobson star.  Acting honors, however, go to Ralph Richardson as the dapper, bowler-hatted chief inspector, every ready with a quip or a clue as the situation demanded.  He is wonderful in the role.  In fact Patrick MacNee created his character in TV's THE AVENGERS as a copy of the Richardson performance here.


November 26:
Another terrific Robert Youngson compilation of choice scenes, this time from the silent films of Laurel and Hardy (and Max Davison).  We all need a laugh these days and this film should do it.  Top off your Thanksgiving holiday with this delightful film.



" ... classic American films

distinguished foreign films,

films you've missed,

films you want to see again,

and films

you may never have had the opportunity to see."



The role of a film society has several elements:

to offer a large part of the literature of film;

to provide a venue for film study and discussion;

to educate; 

to revive well-known but little-seen classics;

to provide some historical background related to motion pictures;

to introduce a new audience to films that are little-known to most followers of films;

and, lastly, it ought to entertain!



*All films begin at 7:00 pm and are shown at Church in the City, 2648 N Hackett Avenue.  More info can be found at or by calling 414-258-6492.
Come join us!