Films: Old, Classic & Unknown on Saturdays

is the local classics film society which exhibits on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month* at 

2648 North Hackett Avenue 

starting at 7:00 p.m.



May 14, 2016  JOAN OF PARIS

Here's a forgotten little masterpiece of espionage and suspense...with a great cast: Michele Morgan, Paul Henried and Laird Cregar included.  Very Hitchcock-like - it was written by frequent Hitchcock collaborator Charles Bennett - it has a number of nerve-wracking suspense moments along with a beautiful, moody atmosphere.

An unusual and powerful wartime suspenser about a French Resistance worker (MICHELE MORGAN) who puts her life on the line to protect an Allied soldier (PAUL HENRIED).  LAIRD CREGAR is on hand to give one of his trademark sinister bully portrayals (as only he could do them) and the film also boasts a brief but remarkable performance by John Abbott as a doomed man.  An underrated minor classic.

"An English bomber crashes near Paris. Its five crewmen find sanctuary in the Cathedral of Father Antoine (Thomas Mitchell), who knew one of the fliers as a child. Paul Lavallier (Paul Henried) is the only Free French member of the crew, and the only one who can show his face on the street; the problem is that the Gestapo already has a sentence of death on his head. Paul meets Joan (Michéle Morgan) in a bar and hides in her room to avoid a Gestapo man (Alexander Granach) who sticks to him "like a postage stamp". Joan prays to her personal spiritual inspiration St. Joan. When the two fall in love Joan helps Paul contact a British agent, who turns out to be an elderly schoolteacher, Mademoiselle Rosay (May Robson). But their every move is being watched by agents dispatched by the cool, sophisticated Gestapo mastermind Herr Funk (Laird Cregar). Funk is waiting for the false move that will allow him to arrest all of the fliers in one fell swoop."



May 28, 2016  BLOCKHEADS

From the Laurel and Hardy Forum:

"It's 1938, but Stan doesn't know the war is over; he's still patrolling the trenches in France, and shoots down a French aviator. Oliver sees his old chum's picture in the paper and goes to visit Stan at the Soldier's Home. Thinking Stan is disabled (it's just that he's sitting on his leg), Oliver takes pity on him and takes him home for a nice home-cooked meal. But Oliver's wife has other ideas and leaves him to fend for himself. After blowing up the kitchen, Oliver is helped by his next-door neighbor, Mrs. Gilbert... until the big-game hunting Mr. Gilbert comes home unexpectedly, carrying a shotgun."

The last great Laurel and Hardy feature will have you smiling.  Delightful, fast moving and hilarious.


" ... classic American films

distinguished foreign films,

films you've missed,

films you want to see again,

and films

you may never have had the opportunity to see."



The role of a film society has several elements:

to offer a large part of the literature of film;

to provide a venue for film study and discussion;

to educate; 

to revive well-known but little-seen classics;

to provide some historical background related to motion pictures;

to introduce a new audience to films that are little-known to most followers of films;

and, lastly, it ought to entertain!



*All films begin at 7:00 pm and are shown at Church in the City, 2648 N Hackett Avenue.  More info can be found at or by calling 414-258-6492.
Come join us!